Fostering a homeless animal will probably be one of the most rewarding, yet heartbreaking things I’ll ever do, and I’ll keep doing it so long as I’m able.  Two weeks ago I lost one of my foster cats, to the rainbow bridge; here is his story; from the very afternoon I said goodbye:

Our story began when I brought an old, tired kitty home. For how long? Who knew. But you surprised me every day as you grew stronger, your eyes became bright and you were happy. I thought I knew what you needed, and that was a forever home. So that’s what I set out to find you.
This week I realised I had already found your forever home, with me. As you again grew tired, and you showed me that you were ready to begin your journey to the place they call the rainbow bridge.
So today we had our own adventure; a bush walk, with plenty of time for you to roll in the sand and explore, you ate your weight in sausage mcmuffin and wild grass. I watched as you felt the sun on your face and in that moment I could see the weight had been lifted, you were ready.
I asked nothing of you, and you taught me so much about love and loss. You have always been, and you will always be, Mister Whittaker.

Sweet Dreams, Mister Whittaker.

While heartbroken at losing him; I was honoured to be a part of his life and especially being able to take him on his final journey. I am so happy to know I’ll have these cherished memories of Mister Whittaker forever, yes my phone is full of photos of him too, but I’ll be choosing some of these to be printed, and they’ll sit alongside his urn and paw print keepsakes, a beautiful service from Passing Paws.

Thank you to Perth Rescue Angels, for bestowing me with the pleasure of Mister Whittaker’s final weeks.

2 thoughts on “Mister Whittaker: Celebrating the life of a homeless senior cat in Perth

  1. God Katie I said to myself don’t read it & guess what I read it now I’m crying it’s hard parting with a member of our family (not a pet) take air hugs from me

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. He was having the time of his life. He knew love and went over the bridge with love around him.

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